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Orthopaedic Trauma

We treat all kind of trauma both fresh and revision Trauma surgeries. Our aim is to mobilize the patients as soon as possible and bring them back to their daily routine activities at the earliest.

Bone deformities

Several children are born with congenital deformities in which they have deformed limbs. This can be easily corrected to its normal shape by plaster or surgical correction.

Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement is a procedure which involves removing part or all of the damaged joint and replacing it with artificial implants. And here at AOH we use one of the best implants with the aim of providing a pain free and comfortable life to our patients in the future.

Sports Injury

It refers to the kind of injuries which occurs due to sudden twisting or jerking of the joints while playing , running , jumping or performing any other activities. This causes instability of the joint with painful movements. These injuries can be treated completely conservatively or through Arthroscopic surgery and the patient can be back to their sports activities just like before.



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